Monday, February 9, 2009

in the home stretch!!!

We are soooo close on the bathroom project. Although the list of to do's seems long, the plumbing was really the big hold-up. Steven had to move all the ancient plumbing around, which meant replacing most of it. He also had to install a stud to mount the pedestal sink to. After all that, he had to replace the rotten 1 x 12 sub floor planks (which included cutting out holes for all the plumbing lines), and put down a subfloor (which again needed the holes cut out). He also put in functional vents - so the bathroom won't be freezing. Finally, he removed all the old trim from around the door (which was actually chair rail).

I was tagged in last night to cut in all the paint. (The color looks fantastic!) And today I began patching the drywall. Everything is taped and I put up the first layer of mud. When I get home from visiting my tax lady, I will hopefully sand and put up the top coat. So, tomorrow (or the next day) after I finish painting the walls, Steven can put in the hardwood floor. Then I paint the floor with 4824972 layers of paint. Then Steven installs all the trim, then I paint trim. Last, Steven gets to install the pedestal sink and the toilet. Then I can accessorize - which is the FUN part!!

And it all began with me wanting Steven to pull up the vinyl so I could paint the floor. Yikes!

The kitchen got sort of sidetracked by the bathroom... but all it needs is the floor painted and the beadboard backsplashes installed and painted. I sprayed the table base and the chairs. I started with the fabric, but quickly realized my new electric stapler is woefully inadequate. I plan to try to exchange it for one that can actually, oh I dunno, STAPLE something. ;)

Then the dining room begins. I have already picked out the perfect shade of pink! I am super excited!!!!!

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Helen said...

Dear Puck ~~ this project sounds totally overwhelming to me. I can't wait to see the finished, and I am quite certain amazing, result. Thinking of you ....... and hubby too.