Wednesday, February 18, 2009

we have plumbing!!!!

It is really the small things in life, really. Being able to brush my teeth in a sink and not by leaning over my bath tub. And not having to go all the way upstairs in my kids' slightly scary bathroom.

Steven installed the toilet yesterday and the pedestal sink tonight. They look great. He even got the baseboards painted and set into place. He will hopefully get them nailed up tomorrow. I can't believe how it all came together. I know in the floor painting post, the floors looked weird without the baseboard... but really, with the mushroom gray walls, robin's egg blue floor, and white baseboards, it just came together. And I love that we put in a black floor vent. It is the little things like that, the tiny details, that I love.

I will try to pick up a new shower curtain (plain, white and ruffled) and a fluffy new bathmat tomorrow. I still am trying to scope out a mirror that is small enough to go under the light fixture. I am hoping to find one in an interesting shape. Oh, and Lowe's had these really cool dental organizers. It looks like a thermos with a fliptop that you can put toothbrushes and paste in. So cool!

Anyway... I will try to scrub up the floors tomorrow and post up some new pics... for now I am super tired.

Have a great night!

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