Sunday, February 22, 2009

FX Jardon's country residence, the sister house to my cottage

I thought you all might like to see some old pictures of other houses Joseph Wiley Spurgeon built. My very first posts were about the architect/builder for my home.... I really love his other work too!

This house is the sister house to mine. My home was FX Jardon's "Sunday City Home." This was his magnificent country home. The current owner graciously allowed me inside his beautifully renovated home to take pictures. It really is in immaculate condition.

Can you imagine how beautiful that shingle work must have been? No one does roofs like that anymore either. I love turrets... and the porte cochere (carriage porch) is gorgeous. I found a newspaper article from 1905 that mentions Jardon adding the porch for $1000. Obviously he was quite wealthy.

And here is it today. I love the blue the current owner chose! Notice the gingerbread is gone.

Beautiful shinglework on the rear turret. All the brickwork has been newly tuck-pointed.

The barn, also built by Spurgeon, then.

Here is the barn present day.

Without being too intrusive to the current owner, I don't think he'd mind if I shared a few interior pictures to show the great attention to detail that Spurgeon gave.

All the floors in the house are different inlay patterns. The staircase is simply amazing.

They still have the original door bell... and it works!

All the doorways in this room have a different shape. (Remember, these are plasterwalls , folks!)


Anonymous said...

what is tuck pointing?

puck said...

In short, tuck pointing involves a mason removing the top layer of mortar and applying new mortar. It is a way to make old brick masonry look beautifully renovated! Definitely not a DIY... you gotta get a mason for this one. :)

Eeyore said...

Your research on the FX Jardon farm, 3 miles west of Baldwin, was really interesting and brought back some good memories as I spent my first three years of life living there.

My grandparents, Leo & Nettie Dyer, lived in the "big house" and my parents lived in a small house a few yards west. As I recall, the portion of the house that is now painted a light blue color was a dark red color when we lived there.

It is sad to see the upper level and roof on the stone barn had been taken off and replaced with a tin gable roof. There was a large red wooden barn located some distance to the west. At the time it had a second level hay loft and interesting roof line.

Back in the day, it was a picture post card perfect farm.

Bob Dyer