Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day & Have a Great Weekend!!

I am a cupcake addict. Really. There is just something so sublimely perfect about a cupcake. After lunch, I will bake up some cupcake treats for Bowie and Dane's daycare Valentine's party. I actually have a cupcake supply cabinet. An entire cabinet filled with sprinkles, liners, you name it. While sometimes I doctor up a boxed cake mix with buttermilk and butter, I never skimp on the frosting. When it is so easy to blend butter, powdered sugar and extract, you just cannot beat the taste of homemade frosting.

For Valentine's day at home, I don't have any set plan for us. I will probably make a nice dinner for the family, and most likely will bake a chocolate skillet brownie for the boys. It is their favorite. I bought pink heart ramekins from Michael's for $1 each -- so those will definitely go on the table.

What are your plans for the holiday?


gina said...

We are going out to dinner tonight as a family - it is my ex husband's weekend to have the older two girls , so we won't all be together tom. night. The girls will dress in their heart apparel and we 'll have some fun and good food as a family. :)

Helen said...

Months ago I made and froze (so I wouldn't be tempted to nibble) a fruit/coconut/raisin/nut/rum cake. I kind of made it up as I went along. I took it out of the freezer today and we will dig into it tomorrow ... all I can tell you is I had one nibble and it is spectacular !!!!!!!!!