Wednesday, February 11, 2009

printable valentines... because my children are mental

i don't know what it is about kids... but mine, at times, i think have no common sense at all. usually, when there are projects due for school, they remember right at bedtime. i remember one late sunday night steven frantically making a drum out of a coffee can and a car-washing chammy when emery announced he was supposed to have turned in a musical instrument project. of course he remembered after we got home from shopping all day, and of course remembered after all the stores had closed.

emery came down tonight to tell me that satchel was supposed to bring valentines to school tomorrow. then emery smugly informed me that his were not due until friday. like that is much better! they both got an earful for not giving me any notice at all, but satchel's situation was a bit more dire since we live in a tiny town with no wal-mart or anything.

then, by luck, i remembered checking out a blog called "black apple" that had printable valentines. they are cute little valentine's. find them here:

i printed out 6 pages of them, and secretly cursed the children as i cut each little heart out with pinking sheers. steven spent a fortune at the gas stations buying tootsie rolls to tape to the hearts. (i love the mark-up on gas station candy).

and so, satchel is all set for tomorrow. the little stinker.

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Helen said...

This is just a totally priceless post ... your boys' names are equally priceless!