Friday, February 6, 2009

kismet! a find for the "retro bedroom" & the project board

I was working on the project boards for the boys' bedrooms. Bowie's nursery, Emery's loft, and Satchel & Dane's retro rooms are all just about planned out.

For Satchel (7) & Dane's (3) retro room, I was planning oat walls with a stripes of a very retro orange and green. I was really excited about this room and picked out a few accessories to scout out on the web. One item was an Eames chair that I found in orange. It was a neat item, but a bit more than I wanted to spend on a chair for their room, which could potentially be decorated with a marker or something. Here is the project board here:

So, Steven and I went to Good JuJu today, the once-a-month flea market in the West Bottoms of downtown KC. Now, the West Bottoms is a fabulous old industrial area that has these gorgeous old buildings, which sadly now are used mostly for Halloween haunted houses. I dream of one day being a bazillionairre and buying these old buildings to turn into super posh historic lofts... but I digress...

First I found an old set of Homer Laughlin dishes for $20. Steven found a solid wooden chair dated 1932 for $24. I found some super cute vintage pumps, IN MY SIZE, for $12.50. I found an antique dresser, the most unique one I have ever seen that will have its very own blog later, for $115. And lastly, I found these two orange chairs for $30 (Bowie's new dresser is in the background there):

Can you believe it? Just last night I was showing Steven a picture of the chair, and then today we find an orange chair from the 50s? That's fate. Or pure lucky. Either way, the kids love the chairs. Satchel gets the big one, and Dane gets the little one. Just perfect!

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Helen said...

If everyone had project boards as well planned as you ... there would be NO decorating boo-boos! The orange chairs are great and I especially like the wall color you have chosen.