Thursday, February 19, 2009

Master Bathroom pictures... at last!!!

Look at that shiny painted oak floor!!

I am so happy to finally be able to show you a few pictures of the bathroom. Steven finished the pedestal sink install last night. The floor has a few scuffs on it from him rolling around on it in his black-soled shoes (lesson learned: remove shoes while rolling around on floor to do plumbing). But those will come right up with a Magic Eraser. And we have paint touch-ups to do. That is always the last step anyway - fixing up the boo-boos.

Anyway... I stopped by Target today, eager to get my shower curtain, but it turns out the one I want is only available online. So I will order that in a bit. The shabby chic curtain we have now is pretty, but this pure white one has just the vintage look I want. The Target "Ruffles" curtain is $30. Be sure to read my next Bargainista on similar shower curtains!!!
I did pick up a plain super soft white rug for $7, though. And I need to go to Lowe's to get that dental organizer I mentioned in my last port. I have no leads yet on the mirror I want. I am almost thinking of buying a mirror and taking it to a shop to have it cut custom.

Oh, exciting news... I scored an antique 5' claw foot bath tub on e-bay for $25! We will be picking it up this weekend. We can powder coat the feet ourselves and will have an auto painter spray it for us. What a bargain, huh? Pictures of that later!

OK... enough rambling... Here's the good stuff!

See what I mean about the black floor vent? There is that $7 rug. It is so soft, you just want to dig your toes in!

Here is where I need a mirror. I thought about a medicine cabinet, but it might look awkward unless we cut out the wall and mount it that way...

Here are the new faucets. I love the British cross handles. The spout is really tall - it sort of surprised us. These are brushed nickel. I don't dig on shiny.

Speaking of not digging on shiny... The light I wanted only came in chrome, so we sprayed it brushed nickel. We left the screws chrome for just a glimmer of contrast. I love how the shade mounts have the "cross" that echoes the faucets.

Remember when I mentioned I liked how the black floor vent popped against the blue floor? This is the same scroll vent as I put in the kitchen. I can't wait until we do the electrical in phase 2 and put in push-button switches with black switch plates!
Wall Color: Wash Basin by Ralph Lauren (flat)
Trim Color: Ultra Pure White by Behr (gloss enamel)
Floor Color: Shallow Sea by Behr (gloss enamel)
Floor Sealer: Varathane Clear Gloss
Wall Fixture: Delta, sprayed Valspar Brushel Nickel
Ceiling Fixture: Hamilton Light/Fan
Toilet: Pegasus Cottage Classic Collection
Pedestal Sink: Pegasus Cottage Classic Collection
Sink Faucets: Pegasus Classic Collection, Brushed Nickel


abeachcottage said...

it's lovely especially love the wall colour, hmmm I don't think we can get Ralph Lauren pain here...


Helen said...

Glad I stopped in this morning ... your bath is looking spectacular!

puck said...

sarah - i think any white paint with a faint touch of gray/taupe would work. it is almost a milky mushroom, but mostly white. the ultra white trim does give it a deeper tone.

helen - i am glad you came by to see the progress... i can't wait to start refinishing my new old tub!

Anonymous said...

i lurve the baby blue floors. i am so jealous!