Thursday, February 12, 2009

painting and lighting... check!

A little teaser for you... the fixture was chrome, but I do not care for shiny metals, so Steven sprayed it in Brushed Nickel to match our faucets. So pretty! That is also the new wall and trim color.
Another grueling night of hard labor... but the bathroom is finally looking "pretty." Just the floor (which is big project), baseboard and toilet & sink. But those will go fast compared to the demo and plumbing. Really! I keep telling myself that.
So today, I got the walls and trim painted. (The trim that goes around the ceiling, windows, etc... still have not put in the baseboard). Mind you the trim around the ceiling isn't traditional "crown" per say. It is the unmitered 1x4 treatment that was popular during arts & crafts. I suppose it is crown, it just really isn't moulding. But I digress... The wall color is just gorgeous. I am so thrilled with the way it turned out. I used flat Ralph Lauren "Wash Basin" on the walls. I used Behr "Ultra Pure White" in flat enamel for the trim. I really wanted a pure white for the trim so that there would be a contrast with the light white walls. The walls are a sort of chalky gray white. More white than gray.
Steven installed the new fan/fixture, which of course was not easy. The existing cheapo fan could not be removed from the ceiling. I guess the people installed the fan and then the ceiling, because the fan box was bigger than the hole. We didn't want to cut a bigger hole since the existing hole was the right size for the new fan. Steven took a look above the ceiling and discovered that there is nearly 2 feet between the original plaster ceiling and the new drywall one. And, the old plaster and lath are falling down. Which means that when we do phase 2, we will probably need to rip out the ceiling and do some repairs. Lath falling down is not a good thing. But that ceiling is going to SOAR. It will be impossibly high, and I need to start dreaming up a plan for that new ceiling. Steven shoved the old fan off to the side in the ceiling and put the new one in. It is really nice. It looks like a regular old light fixture, but it is also a fan.
Next, he pulled out the old light fixture that was over the old sink. He found that they had installed it using a light switch box instead of a fixture box. DUMB!!!! So he got it installed for now... but phase 2, he will pull it down and install it using a fixture box. (Again, another "what were they thinking" moment.)
Next up, a little bit of touch up on the walls tomorrow and then Steven will start in on the hardwood floor installation. I can't wait!!
Here are some pictures of the progress. Not super exciting for you all, but thrilling for us!

Steven's handywork... Toilet on the left, new vent in the middle, and sink to the right. And all new 1x12s for the ground floor.

The new subfloor. We have something to walk on! Yay!!!

Here is a wall after I finished my drywall repairs... not too shabby! The old paint color was taupe. Which is OK, but soooo boring.

All new paint! The trim is still shiny wet. I can tell already it will be a pain to photograph the wall color for you guys. It is so gorgeous in person.

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