Wednesday, June 10, 2009

organizing the Hoosier cabinet with shelves and jars...

I did some tidying in my Hoosier cabinet... The inside of the cabinet was never painted very well, so shadows of green paint was showing through. I gave the inside of the flour bin, which Steven has just built shelves in, a good coat of paint. I added shelf paper on the shelves. For the back, I covered green wrapping paper with laminating paper and used double-stick tape to give the inside a fun bit of color. (Above)

I still need to paint the rolling door, called a tambour, compartment. (above) We keep a variety of cereals in these glass cracker jars for the boys.

Here is an older outside shot of the cabinet. For reference... I plan on clearing the clutter from the top... it just seems to gather...

I adore these Martha Stewart labels for labeling the storage jars!

Here is the inside of the Hoosier. Since this was taken, I rounded up a couple more jars for that bottom shelf. Still need to get some of the boy's artwork off the side of the fridge there, huh?
The thing I like most about the Hoosier, besides the organization, is the pull-out enamel counter. When the boys are bickering too much at the table, I will put one or two of them in front of the Hoosier on some stools. Makes meal time a bit more quiet with a bit more elbow-room at the kitchen table. :)


Benita said...

Love the cabinet :)

its so very cheri said...

Just found your blog and added it to my favs. I wanted to let you know I have a GIVE AWAY that ends to day.


abeachcottage said...

nice cabinet, like really nice, I so need to organize in fact I think I might try a little hour of it tomorrow here,

happy weekend, hope yr fee are up!