Wednesday, June 17, 2009

uses for lavender fresh from the garden

I have mentioned a few times that the slate path from our city sidewalk to our front porch is flanked with lavender. It really thrives there. It is so thick and unruly at times that I have to hack away at it so we can walk down the path! With piles of lavender, you can do so much besides just potpourri.
We had a couple bare spots that needed a few plants added. Steven and the boys worked on planting a few replacements last night.
The scent of lavender is said to calm nervousness or butterflies. Crushing a few flowers and taking a sniff is quick aromatherapy. (Or, I suppose, just walking up my path would work. It really smells nice!)

Here Dane is weeding. Such a great little helper!

If you are a tea drinker (I LOVE TEA!!!), you can throw a tablespoon of flowers into your tea kettle. Let it steep for 10 minutes or so, and you have lavender tea. The Tazo Earl Gray tea I buy has lavender in it. Lavender tea is said to help with nervousness, upset tummies and help you sleep.

Bowie helps Steven dig a hole for the new English Lavender. We have many kinds of lavender in our yard... I don't play favorites. We enjoy them all!

Toss a handful of fresh lavender flowers into your bath for a fabulous soak. It's like the spa, but without the hefty price tag!

Along the path we have colors ranging from white to deep purple, and everything in between!

Lavender sachets are easy to make and are great gifts. You can put dried lavender in storebought sachets, or cut up old panty hose, or even put it in cheesecloth or gauze and seal with a pretty ribbon. Throw one in a lingerie drawer for nice smelling underthings (no need for perfume!). Put one under your pillow to help you have sweet dreams.

Here is a white one. (Turn your head sideways!)

Lavender is an antiseptic. Rub lavender oil (or a fresh flower) on a bug bite or scrape. Some people use lavender in cooking, especially baked goods. A lavender scented cookie is something I HAVE to try!

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Morning T said...

Your walkway is beautiful! I love lavender too and just planted some in my garden. I hope it will survive our hot summer weather in Houston. I actually made some botanicals for my home a few weeks ago and used a few sprigs of dried lavender in the frame and it turned out great.