Monday, June 22, 2009

scrapbook paper as inexpensive art

I decided this little corner of my kitchen needed a little brightening. Until now, just a little stool, that only gets used as an occassional boost for the little ones, sat there.

I found these frames half-off at Michael's. I added that scrapbook paper I mentioned awhile back, and voila: cheap art. It just so happened that the frames are the exact same size as a paper towel. I taped up paper towels to the wall to check for placement, and Steven hung them up with some wall anchors.
The middle one is my favorite. Completely washed out by the flash. It is actually a robin's egg blue background, and the girl is gray with shimmery glitter.

I am excited to have only one more upper cabinet to paint and paper in the kitchen. Then I can tackle the nasty cabinet under the sink. Can you say years of leaking plumbing and water damage?? Gross!!


abeachcottage said...

the middle one is my fave too, great job, you are very creative


Anonymous said...

where did you get the paper from? very cute!