Thursday, June 4, 2009

ribboned refrigerator photo display fun...

In the move from our house in Olathe to the yellow house near Liberty, our refrigerator was damaged. It landed face down and the handles that run the entire height of the fridge broke off. I checked into replacement handles at Sears (it's a Kenmore), and they charge $300. Yeah. Being that I want one of those french-drawer fridges in stainless someday, I decided to live with the damaged fridge.

I have been staring (frowning) at the screw holes on the front of the fridge for a couple years now. I hadn't really come up with an ingenious idea for making new handles so I opted to cover the holes. Hey, lack of handles keep the kids out, right? hehehehe.

A couple spools of ribbon and a roll of permanent double-stick tape later, we have covered up the holes, added a little color to the B&W kitchen, and we have a little place to clip pictures of the kids to. I need to dig through our photos, so I just threw a few up that happened to be handy.

And a close-up. You can see the screw holes were not in the most convenient place... hence why the ribbons are so close to the middle there. A top and bottom fridge would work better for this than my side-by-side.

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Carla said...

I want to try this! What kind of tape did you use?