Thursday, June 25, 2009

square peg, round hole...

OK, here's the deal. I don't live anywhere near anything coastal. Not an ocean. Not a lake. Not even a pond. I absolutely adore the pictures I find when I flip through Coastal Living at the newstand. (Never bought the mag, again... not near the coast). I am landlocked in Kansas here, people.

I love the bedroom above. It is breezy and beachy. I don't see a bunch of sea shells or starfish anywhere, so I would feel comfortable pulling off something similar.

My problem is this... I remember as a kid, some of our relatives would come visit us on our farm in Iowa. They would breeze in, with their weird clothes (We don't wear flip flops on the farm. They are hazardous there) and I'd wonder what their house must look like. And then the mom (now an ex as they are divorced) would start pushing their toddler son about Grandpa's Tractor. And she'd say how they were doing a tractor room (to get favor from Grandpa, I am sure). And it always struck me as phony and odd since these people lived in San Dimas, California and no where near a farm. It is sort of like when a yuppie pulls up to the Hells Angels on his brand shiny new Harley and wants to be one of the guys.

I can't bring myself to put oars or fishnets on my walls. Well, not that I'd want to put fishnet up anyway. But I see the little shells and such, all the nautical looks, in the Pottery Barn catalog and I just can't do it. Then I think about some rich lady in her McMansion over in Leawood, Kansas (again, landlocked, people), who probably ordered her entire living room from page 15 of the PB catalog.

So... I ask you... Would you feel weird trying to do an obviously beachy look (not just airy, but shells and all) when you are not near a beach? Or a farm look (complete with a milk can as an end table or something) when you are urban? Or an Asian influence when you are not Asian and live on a farm?


kerrie said...

Our main living room is an all-Asian theme...and we're not Asian...or anywhere close to Asia... BUT, to offset it, our other living room is all KU, so at least ONE room hits close to home, eh?

Helen said...

Hi there! I've always felt comfortable decorating a porch or sunroom in a completely different style from the rest of my home. A sanctuary if you please. I do enjoy taking a Saturday morning to read a week's worth of my favorite blogs. Enjoy the weekend - it was in the mid 30's out here this morning and heading into the 70's .... nothing but blue skies as far as the mind can envision.

Shirley said...

No I can't do it x father-n-law (*from florida home)gave me towels and shower curtains, sheets that all are beachy..I'm in East Tx. in an old farm house looking place. I just can't do it. He also gave me Asian and Indian stuff from other states he has homes in..I still can't do it.

puck said...

And maybe I can see doing a room or two in theme(s) - but an entire house in one theme that is nothing like your family or architecture or geography? I dunno... it is sort of weird.

I will admire Coastal Living images from afar. Maybe someday I will get a retirement beach home in Australia. At this rate with the economy, I will be an elderly Wal Mart greeter and live in a crack house.