Saturday, June 20, 2009

DIY knock-off medicine boxes

I want these:

But they run $45 GBP each. Each. Which is roughly $75 each USD. Yeah. Not in my budget.

Do you remember how bad the cabinet used to look
with the big plastic bins of medicine?

With 2 large round cardboard boxes from Hobby Lobby (less than 5 bucks each) and some craft paint, I made these knock-offs. They are not metal, and they don't have a lock, but they were a cheap fix:

And now instead of the nasty mess that I linked above, I have this:

The inside of the cabinets are all painted bright, clean white. Everything has fresh shelf paper. Everything is in new binnies ($1 a pop at Walmart). I really love the way everything in the kitchen turned out.
Oh, and to try and keep it organized, I hot-glued little clips on the doors. I attach an index card to each door that shows everyone where everything is at. No more, "Mom, where is the drink mix?" And everyone has been really good about putting things back. No Way, Ted!!!
Plain as day. Drink Mix? Pudding? It is all in there.

I even went through all the medicines and threw out all the expired stuff... I also put together an Emergency Kit in a binny. It has burn gel, band aids, Neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, etc... Everything a mother of 4 crazy little boys needs!


Carla said...

what an improvement! I just came by for your door post and the boxes caught my eye.

KnockKnocking said...

How clever is that!!! You go girl! I love it!

xoxo Agnes