Tuesday, June 2, 2009

help me pick out the fabrics for my chairs

Chair before coloring incident

I have a set of chairs in the living that I was covering in Amy Butler fabric. The chairs were such a pain to redo, that I did one of them and have been procrastinating on the other. I bought the fabric awhile ago, and they don't have it in my fabric store anymore, although I suppose I could track it down on the net somewhere.

Current fabric on arm chairs: Amy Butler nickel & primrose, shown above

Sadly, the chair that I did have completed has been decorated with red crayon by our 2 year old, Bowie.

I have a few options:
(1) Try like hell to get the crayon out with a Magic Eraser, and recover the other chair in the remaining Amy Butler fabric to match
(2) Crayon doesn't come out, recover both chairs in new fabric
(3) Crayon comes out, recover both chairs in new fabric anyway.

Impacts on this decision:
(1) I plan to make a slipcover for my Queen Anne-style sofa in dropcloth material. It will make the formal looking sofa a lot less fussy, and protect it from the kids and pets a bit.
(2) Steven's comfy chair will need to be recovered.

Steven's ugly comfy chair (shown in storage)

Now... I want to recover Steven's comfy chair in something bright and contrasting. Like this $1300 chair from Anthropology:

With the current Amy Butler fabric, this chocolate brown Alexander Henry might be enough of a punch to not be obnoxious, and compliment the drop cloth covered sofa:

Or, this bright pink Joel Dewberry could bring in the pink that I love so much (not sure how it will jive with the Amy Butler though):

Or, I could use the above Joel Dewberry for the comfy chair, and recover the pair of chairs in this Joel Dewberry that I am not 100% in love with but it matches:

There is also this Amy Butler (that would have to be ordered) that has pink in it... but I worry about having too much green in the room. I like how the original one I used has blue in it.

I like the look of the green and blue fabric against my light sagey green walls. Right now, I am thinking:

(1) Scrub out crayon on tainted chair. (I said taint!) Order more fabric if it doesn't come out in the same color. Recover second chair.

(2) Recover comfy chair in either chocolate Alexander Henry or bright pink Joel Dewberry.

I am seeking suggestions here, folks. What do you think?


Lee said...

I would try to take the fabric off and clean it and then design a slipcolver for both chairs that could be easily removed for cleaning. MS leaves crayon out of her stain removal section in her homekeeping book. She does mention making a petroleum jelly ring around stains to they don't grow (wish I would have seen that last month). i'd also slipcover the larger chair and then recover it when the children are older. The lines are beautiful.

I'm in the process of washing and shrinking drop cloths for 2 wing chair slips. Mine ended up more light gray than off white. i'm anxious to see your projects.

Anonymous said...

Try putting waxpaper over it and iron it out. Change the paper as the crayon lifts out.

its so very cheri said...

2I love all the fabric but just a TIP on how to get crayon out...
1. If you can take enough off to slip a piece of brown paper sack under the crayoned area and one on top and iron over it to remove most of the wax then clean

or you can try using Goop Off. You can find it at Wal-Msrt Sometimes in the cleaning section, sometimes in the paint section-depending on the store. It is great for removing all kinds of things like crayon, markers, paint...
Lots of other fun tips and decorating at www.itssoverycheri.blogspot.com


puck said...


OK... I will make an effort to get that stain out. (Save myself some reupholstering effort!) And for Steven's comfy chair, I like the chocolate brown Alexander Henry oversized floral. :)

I will give an update when I get around to this project. I am on a tear in the kitchen this week.

It is like I am nesting. Without the pregnancy part.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh jeez... I have no idea how to get crayon out! I think it's worth a try...'cause that chair looks gorgeous.

That said, I'm also kind of in love with that chocolate fabric. Against light sagey green walls...yummy!

Helen said...

I'm way beyond the color on chairs with crayon stage .... no help there! But, you have inspired me with your drop cloth cover concept. Never heard of it and want to experiment! Thanks so much and good luck with the chair!

Sara-kail said...

First of all, I am in the same boat you are with remodeling and redecorating and I LOVE your style...it is so very much like what I am going for... getting some great ideas from your blog.

Now on to the crayon... I have not tried this so I would take the same red crayon and color on a piece of that fabric (scrap obviously) then experiment... you won't hurt the chair and you can try to each of your options for getting it out. I KNOW lemon essential oil will remove the wax and plain old dish soap will then remove the oil... but as for the color, not so sure. I've read that shaving foam is a great upholstery cleaner... just smear it on then dab it off with a vinigar/water solution... never tried it myself though... but either way, I say your best bet is to play with a scrap piece and see what works before you attack the chair itself. And I have to say, I love the look of the chair!!! Good Luck.