Tuesday, June 9, 2009

paint brings out the small things

I tried snapping a picture when the sun wouldn't wash the new blue paint out so much. Here is a camera phone pic of the front of the house. I would like the draw your attention to the righthand dormer... notice that only half of the dormer is painted... this is where we ran into problems with the 40 degree angle of the roof. I kept sliding down the roof while I was trying to paint!

The thing I think is coolest about the new trim color... when it was dull gray, you didn't notice any of the detailing. But now with the blue, little things seem to catch your eye. This is the soffit, the underside of where the roof meets the house. These were a joy for Steven to paint due to all the ridges and all... but with the new paint, they are so pretty.

Seeing how nice it is all looking gives me a little more pep to get the rest of the windows painted. Unfortunately, I require a bit of assistance wrangling them up and down, so I have to wait for Steven to be home to tackle them some more. Drats!


Helen said...

OK ... how is the rest of that dormer going to get its coat of paint ~ without injury to body parts?

puck said...

Well, we plan on putting me in a harness, and connecting me to the roof, and I will repel down the roof with a paint brush.

I am not joking. Totally serious.

I will have someone take pictures. You know, in case I die or something.