Friday, June 5, 2009

this month's Good JuJu Treasures...

Since I started this blog, I have been blabbing on and on about Good Ju Ju. Well, it is the first Friday of the month, therefore today was Date Day for Steven and I. We made our pilgrimage for Danny Edwards BBQ for lunch and shopping at Good Ju Ju.

I managed to snag a couple cute things for my kitchen. I am still procrastinating on a couple items there. I figure if they are there next month, it's kismet and I should buy them.

Today I got:
These sweet little lanterns are handmade. The small one was $2.50 and the larger one $3.50.

This little pink breadbox works great - the door slides up and down like new. I am not wild about the decal someone added. I will see if I can get that off and maybe stencil BREAD on it or something.

This pink locker was actually from the Bonner Springs Goodwill. But at $10, if we don't repaint if for the boys' room, Steven can use it in the basement.

P.S. Update - Just today, Apartment Therapy added a post on Good Ju Ju. Word is spreading!

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Helen said...

I always do the 'kismet' thing too. Great little finds on your monthly search ...