Monday, June 8, 2009

evolution of a kitchen

While I was painting the inside of the boy's snack cabinet, it realty struck me how far my kitchen has come. While it is not the perfect dream kitchen (that is probably 10 years away from a full redo), it is so much prettier and livable than it once was...

The doors are off the cabinets for painting here... but you can still see how ugly the cabinets were on the bottom right cabinet there that was not primed yet. They were a sandy stain. I really don't like stain until it is DARK.

And the spongepainting... That's right, baby... Take it all in! I think they used a kitchen sponge. Man, that border was a b**** to remove. I sprayed those chairs black not too long ago.

Here is Emery, my oldest, pulling up the hunter green peel & stick tiles. No, unfortunately that is not hardwood under there. Just underlayment that we painted later on.

Here is Kitchen Attempt One. I had "Wicker Mat" walls, "Picket Fence" upper cabinets, and "Fairy Wren" lower cabinets. The yellow walls, although cheerful, started to wear on me. Yellow and green... ever seen an overcooked egg yolk? Yeah... I decided to try again...

Here are the colors now... "Country Dairy" walls, "Picket Fence" upper cabs and trim, "Bunny Gray" lower cabinets. The touches of black on the windows and such is "Black Truffles." (All by Ralph Lauren).

I love the beadboard backsplashes. I kept them the wall color so they are quite subtle.

Once I finish the mega-organization project I am doing, I will post pictures of the whole room. I realized I never did post the finished project for you all... but everything is in chaos now with me pulling everything out for new shelf paper, etc.

It just really struck me how our tastes change... and how sometimes you have to evolve into a room. The kitchen is the only room I have repainted. I have been happy with all my other room colors on the first try. I just think it is important to not feel locked into something that you really don't love. Paint is easy to fix, and is quite affordable. So repaint something if you need to. Do it until you get it right. It is OK to make a mistake. Sometimes we have to take the journey to end up exactly where we should.

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