Thursday, June 18, 2009

salvaged windows and guttering for my potting shed

The original plan for my potting shed will drastically change, but for the better. Steven, who I nominate for Best Husband Ever, made some great *free* finds today. At yet another house being demolished in the name of highway safety, Steven salvaged some more materials for my potting shed.

Antique windows! Here is the larger of the two he brought home. The sides open while the center window is fixed.

I love the old latch on it. Isn't it cool? You can also see the crank at the bottom. He also got the casing as well.

And he got this amazing half-round guttering. I love half-round, and antique is always great. I love salvaging!
He even got the hangers - they are really neat.

And round downspouts.

All my (new) old guttering will look great painted copper-color, I think. I need to sit down and sketch out a new plan. My old plan had two symmetrical windows on the front with a large barn-style door. With the windows he salvaged, I will need to create an asymmetric plan with a barn door flanked by a large window and a small window. I think the larger window will go better with the 48" antique sink we scored at a yard sale.
I am also thinking of reversing the house colors and using the pale blue for the siding and black for the trim maybe. Hmmm.... Sketching commences!


Carla said...

I cant believe your luck. Please show us your new drawings.

its so very cheri said...