Tuesday, April 14, 2009

first potting of the season! woot!

Not only am I trying to cram mid-terms in this week, I have also been doing some job-hunting (drats on the economy) and working on some items for my Etsy shop, milksugar.

I was excited to finish a sweet little pot today, inspired by a design I did last year for my son, Dane. Plus, while I was shopping today, the nursery had rananculus in. (Which is soooo rare for my zone.) I picked up a bunch of annuals to start working on my pots that lead up my front steps.

mmmm... don't you love Spring? I find it so therapeutic for some reason, just to dig in the dirt and feel at one with nature in a way.

This year's front pots will have sweet potato vine, ranunculus, vinca vine and spikes. A little departure from last year with were heliotrope, sweet potato vine, flowering kale, and spikes.

Oh, heliotrope... I can't wait until that appears in the nursery. Nothing is more fragrant and lovely than heliotrope. I must find a place for it in one of my containers.

Anyway... off to work on my pots. I will post an "after" picture tonight!

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