Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning the front porch

It was a super windy weekend in Baldwin City, Kansas this weekend... but short of a tornado, I was determined to get some more Spring Cleaning done. You see, all winter long, the front porch became a jumble of junk. Emery and Dane (and of course, Steven) were super helpers in getting the front porch tidied up.

Dane carried the stack of firewood down, Emery loaded it into the wagon then stacked it in the backyard. Emery picked up toys and organized them into metal bins while Dane helped me sweep up leaves. We shook out all the pillows and it is again a nice, cheery spot to read a book and drink some tea.

This little pot was just sitting around from last year. I gave it a new coat of hot pink paint and planted a gerber daisy I picked up at the nursery.

The little gerber daisy is sitting on a little metal table by the loveseat. The loveseat had garden green floral cushions that I am not too keen on... so I just covered them with an old Rachel Ashwell shower curtain I had laying around. The pillows I picked up on clearance at Home Depot last year. I need to get a bright rug to go here. (My kids are skaters... hence the skateboards everywhere!)

I rattle canned the hanging basket a bright aqua color. Some pale pink rosella brighten the corner by the newly pale blue front door. Very soon, I will be painting the beadboard ceiling a pretty blue. (It's good luck, right?)

I have had this pot to the left of the front door since we moved in. I have grown to like it there, but Steven gets annoyed that it makes it hard to manuever our stroller by it. I admit - it does get in the way since it is a narrow spot there leading to the steps. But the little bunny I picked up on clearance from Hobby Lobby is so cute! (I have a thing for rabbits.) I sort of like the patina of the floor... the red and blue paint fading and showing through.

Here is the tatty old rocker I posted about awhile back. The little table on the left we bought last year but it was a garden green. I painted it a bright aqua (Valspar - Sea Sparkle.) Soon, it will have a few pots on it... for now it is a place for the feral cats to enjoy the food we leave out.

I got this bright little welcome mat at Target.

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing (or productive?) weekend!

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