Wednesday, April 1, 2009

sweet little things to hang on a door knob...

I made a trip to Michael's this morning to pick up some art supplies and managed to come home with a few little happy things!

This sweet little speckled egg ornament was 40%. The pink, lavender and blue go so well with my freshly painted door, and...
it matches my pretty speckled egg wreath I got at JoAnn! Hopefully not too matchy, though.

This garland was also 40% off. I suppose one could unroll it and use it as intended, but I think it is pretty still coiled up like a little wreath. This is hanging on the door to my master bathroom.

This little jingle bell I have had for the past few Christmas seasons. I liked it's little tinkle so well, that I painted it pink awhile back and left it out for good. I decided black and white would make it pop a bit more against the dark wood. (It is nice to have a little alert for when my boys go in and out!)


alice said...

I have seen so many cute and creative little decorations to hang on doorknobs... now I just need to set aside the time to do them!
The eggs are so cute, hadn't thought of that before!

puck said...

Wouldn't it be fun to change them out with the holidays?

I'd love to hear suggestions on other things to try!