Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good JuJu Day!

Tomorrow is Good JuJu Day! I am so excited... See, Good JuJu is this sale they do the first weekend of every month. They hold it in the Bottoms of Kansas City (they old school industrial district). You hear me mentioning in my posts, "Oh, I got this antique rocker for $14 at Good JuJu." I have bought soooo many things there. Plus, this is our monthly date day. When you have 4 kids, you don't really get to have much time alone. So, Good JuJu Friday is our date day. So fun.

Any guesses on what I will find?

hint: I am on the look-out for fun garden-type things.

A link to their website for those in the area:


Helen said...

ummmmmmmm .. I predict you find a perfect garden art piece!

puck said...

Good JuJu was full of gardeny stuff today... but I didn't find anything that blew me over. The one thing I wanted was huge and not cheap, so...

Booty today included:
vintage small child's play-a-piano $26
2 antique china dessert plates $6
1 vintage silver compote $6
antique rake $5
antique pruners and spade - free

It was great to see Bowie's face light up when he saw his piano. He has been playing it all night.

disa said...

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