Thursday, April 30, 2009

poll: what does "European Kitchen" mean to you?

If I say "European Kitchen" to you, what images do that conjure up? What screams euro-kitchen to you?

Or is that too vague? Should it be broken down into "English Kitchen" or "French Kitchen" etc.

There is a reason to my madness... I am just fishing for feedback first!


Angela Cолнишка said...

Hi :)
I was passing by and I have to say I loved your blog x)). Can I answer to the poll?
Anyway... beautiful blog ^_^


puck said...

Hi Angela! Thank you for stopping by! :)

Blog Author(s) said...

Euro Kitchen: Funky, chunky stove, low, beamed ceilings, thicker plaster walls & warm.

Helen said...

European kitchen????
Stone floors or wide beamed wood floors, worn with age
Rustic beams
Hanging lights/old
Farmhouse sink/old
Farmhouse table/huge
Whitewashed walls/maybe with a hint of color
A huge old stove
Baskets for Veggies

Unfiltered Meghan said...

For some reason, when I think of European kitchen I think of something low, sleek and modern, almost IKEA-ish. But when you say French kitchen, I start thinking more along the lines of Helen's comment. And inexplicably I envision fleur de lis everywhere.

manlycow said...

I picture a lot of laminate and the washer and dryer in the kitchen...

Tammy said...

Having lived in German as a child I'd say very different from American kitchens. Small refrigerators, no built in cabinets. Usually furniture on the bottom and some shelves on the walls. plaster walls with wood floors. And a huge sink. Wierd that every house had a huge sink.
And yes washer in the kitchen - not dryers though as they hung clothing to dry.

niartist said...

Hi again, puck! Thanks for commenting on the screen door - I hope you can get started on yours soon! :) Hmmm - European Kitchen? I suppose I see 2 versions. The European kitchens I know from having seen them in Europe, and the American idea of the European kitchen. The European kitchens are small, tiny actually - rooms meant for one thing and one thing only. No entertaining, no oooing and ahing. No one and I mean no one sees your kitchen in Europe, except your maid and family. There are no grand gestures, and only small appliances. It's all about function, not form, not oo la la, not fancy, not revitalized. They're utilitarian, at best. Then, there is the American version of the European kitchen - vast spaces, very large, usually with wide planked floors, reclaimed or made to look reclaimed, mixed and matched cabinetry, much of it made to look like furniture, finishes of varying shades or stains, natural stone counters, backsplashes, hammered finishes - copper, steal, wrought iron. soft, putty colored paint and perhaps a few architectural salvage pieces along the way.

puck said...

All good points, Artie.

I suppose we have a romanticized view of it, don't we?

I spend hours flipping through my UK shelter mags, oogling their kitchens. I have a catalog in my head of what my dream renovation kitchen will be. For now, I have to make do with making my current one less terrible. ;)

I am sure many can relate to having champagne taste on a PBR budget.