Monday, May 4, 2009

treasure hunt! and someone explain pottery barn to me!

Such a productive weekend here at the Cottage of Stone...

This was the first Friday of the month, so it was our Date Day at Good Ju Ju. Steven picked up an old metal kitchen cabinet for the basement. I got an old enamel pitcher and bucket just perfect for planting:

Remember the Juncus I blogged about? Here he is in a sweet little pitcher.

Here is the old bucket. It already had a drain hole added there, just under the handle there.
That night, we hit the Auto Swap Meet in Lawrence, KS. We did score some cool stuff for my "Project Mom-Mobile" - which is my old Rambler wagon that actually will haul some serious butt when it is done... Anyway... As we were getting ready to leave, we spotted 2 old trunks. We cannot resist trunks, even though we have 3 already. The guy sold them to us 2 for $25. Score! One was painted green, the other still gorgeous and unpainted (and even had the old package trays inside). I knew right away what to do with the green one. (The other one is in storage and will probably be a toy box when we finish up the kids' rooms.)
Here is the green trunk, ready for painting.
Altogether now... The trunk was painted heirloom white. I picked up a pink hydrangea to pot in the old bucket. The rhododendron in the blue pot is looking a little sad. He was getting too much water in the yard, so I replaced him with a Twist & Shout Hydrangea and put him in one of the pots from my milksugar etsy shop.

I think what I love about old trunks is the detailing. The hardware is always so pretty.

Oh, here is just a snippet of the new rug for the porch. It really brightens up the space. I am happy with it for now (since it was $20). Eventually, I'd like to get something else that didn't include yellow/orange.
OK... so a little more about trunks. I have been collecting them awhile now and always manage to snag them on a good deal. Good JuJu usually has several, but for the most part, they paint theirs up and I like them left au natural. I have noticed in Pottery Barn that trunks must be making a comeback. Only theirs sell for OMFG prices.
So I ask you... why would someone buy a new trunk (which IMO, has no character) for over a $1,000 when you can get an antique one for under $100? I like looking at the PB catalog for ideas.. but cripes, people... I guess someone people just need to spend the big bucks to feel like they got something of value.

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Angela Cолнишка said...

I love antique stuff too! *___*
I think they give the house the personality of a house (or something like that xD).

I don't know why some antiques are so F* expensive, at least where I live. That makes me mad. And when they make new trunks (for example) and try to make them look old just to sell them for a high price.

I think your Cottage of Stone will look like a Fairy Tale Cottage soon!! :DDDD