Tuesday, May 19, 2009

they work for cookies!

My two oldest guys were working so hard in the gardens today. I decided the space between the peonies and the front porch was begging for some tall, leggy foxgloves. Emery and Satchel did a terrific job putting in a row in that rather tight space.

Satchel (left) waits his turn as Emery (right) digs the hole for the first plant.

Satchel tries his hand at digging and decided it was rather difficult, so he watered with a watering can while Emery finished up the other 3 plants.

Good work, boys!

Also shown in the above picture, white foxglove, pink and purple salvia, purple catmint, pink peonies, Sarah Bernhardt peonies, and pink & yellow honeysuckle.

A close-up of their hard work. Foxgloves and peonies!

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I need an Emery and Satchel! :-) nice work, boys! (And p.s., I'm a lot older than you and still work for cookies!)

Foxgloves and peonies...swoon...