Monday, May 18, 2009

curtains for someone who does not like to cover windows...

With the new color scheme in my kitchen (white upper cabinets, gray lowers, chalky clayish walls, a few pink accents)... I decided my kitchen was not me. It is pretty... but I live in color. I didn't realize how domineering all the B&W colors would be. I have the stools at the bar are covered in hot pink damask. The chairs around the table have hot pink seats. I have pink accents scattered around, but the feeling is still too B&W.

I love the cabinets with the doors removed... I have some new projects coming up to give them a more period look...

I really love the pink Kitchenaid line. I have practically have the entire collection. (The food processor is great for soups!) Oh, and I love the beadboard backsplashes we put in.

I went on the lookout for colorful fabric for curtains. I actually like the windows being bare. (I did them with white trim and black sashes), but I think a punch of color at the windows may perk things up.

I love using black to draw the eye. I think many people are afraid of black and they think you have to use white to say cottage... not so!

I decided on doing a cafe style curtain with grommets. The cafe style will only cover half the window . The grommets will keep it from being too frilly. I wanted thin fabric so light would stream through them (I plan to keep them pushed to the side pretty much all the time anyway). I rounded up a few fabric options:

Floral Fantasmo by Alexander Henry

Pink Starling by Alexander Henry

Pink Zinnia by Alexander Henry

Normally I swoon for Amy Butler... but these Alexander Henry prints really called to me. I checked them out in person and ended up picking the first one (Floral Fantasmo). It has a cool 70s retro vibe, don't you think? The zinnia is amazing, but it's an upholstery grade so it was really thick and would not be sheer enough. I must make a pillow from that zinnia fabric though. Gorgeous!

From this I have learned, although I like looking at pictures of black and white rooms, especially pure white, I can't actually live in those rooms. They are gorgeous. But when I sit in them, I feel.. well... not claustrophobic... but a bit pent-up. I really like my neutral rooms with brighty poppy bits of color.

Has anyone ever had a similar situation? Or am I the only weirdo who has to have some color to punch it up?


Tammy said...

I agree. We need to do a kitchen remodel and I have pulled out my handy dandy folder of all the kitchens I have torn out of magazines. I have 99% all white kitchens. I know why I like them is they look so clean. But I have 4 kids and I am sure mine will never look like that. I also think ALL white would end up driving me crazy. I need neutral backdrops so I can add my punches of color throughout the year and change it up all the time. I bore easily.
I love your fabric choices also- the birds are so fun.
Maybe you should add some color to the walls..

puck said...

I might eventually paint the walls... Or maybe the starkness will grow on me!

Lee said...

I love looking at neutrals, but get depressed without color. We have learned to do the expensive things that we won't change out often in black, white, or a neutral, and add punch with less expensive items - like white tiles in the bath and fun colors on towels, or a neutral sofa with the color of the year as pillows. We did buy a multi colored vintage Karastan area rug when we were newlyweds. There are plenty of colors to change things to without having to replace the carpet.

I would have picked the same pink kitchenaid as yours, but my second one was only a few years old when the pink came out.

Kristin said...

The Pink Starling pattern is absolutely adorable. I might steal it for my cafe curtains in my new kitchen!