Tuesday, May 19, 2009

garden snapshots...

While the boys were busy planting those foxgloves, I walked around a bit and took a few pictures of the gardens. Really, I have more flower beds than grass anymore. But, hey, less to mow, right? And besides... nothing says English Cottage like a cottage garden. :)

I love bunnies. I have a few of them sprinkled around the gardens. This one is nestled in lambs ear, coral bells, soapwort, and catmint.

I put a series of 3 birdhouses on copper poles last year. The clematis look so pretty climbing up the poles. (I used twine to help give them some support).

Lavender flanks both sides of the slate sidewalk that goes from the city sidewalk to the front porch. I plan to make some sachets for my family this year.

This is the honeysuckle that is growing up the left side of the trellis I welded for the front porch. Wisteria has madly taken over the right side but has yet to bloom.

This is a fraction of the little garden to the left of the steps leading to the front porch. It has Japanese peony, sweet pea, sea thrifts, allium, catmint, Russian sage, baby blanket carpet rose, bellflower, clematis and soapwort.

I would always come out and find a bunch of my plants mashed down and wondered why... turns out, the feral cats really love my gardens... especially all the catmint! This cat, who we named Kyle, is rolling around in a bed of obedient plant.

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Angie said...

Beautiful pics of your garden! That cat looks mighty comfy!