Monday, May 25, 2009

where white blends in, black stands out!

I had made a comment awhile back on one of the design blogs about people relying too much on the cottage formula of painting furniture white and distressing it with sandpaper. Now, don't get me wrong. Those rooms are lovely... I just don't really subscribe to that anymore. (And if you want to learn to distress furniture in a manner that doesn't ruin the edges - I described using wax awhile back).

Anyway... I have noticed how fond I am of using black for "pop factor." I think many cottagey sorts are too afraid of using black, thinking white is the only way to get the cottage look. But when used sparingly, black is not dark or sparse at all. It draws the eye, looks vintagey, and, I think, fun.

I took a few snapshots today to show you some examples...

Here are a series of hooks in the master bedroom. The wood plank walls in this room are a pale, pale pink called "Bella Pink." The trim and ceiling are white. Floors are hardwood. The black of the hooks catches the eye against the pale walls.

The blue lanterns flank the bed, hanging over the artwork above the nightstands.

The black scroll vent on the master bathroom floor really pops against the aqua blue floor. Since the walls are pale and the trim is white, that blue floor just screams in the room.

(Preservationists look away!) We rattle canned the original brass fixture in the entry way. I love the way the black pops against the pale blue walls and super-pale gray ceiling. The shades were originally a light amber glass, but I like the replacement etched ones better. Hence why we are renovating rather than restoring.

The living room walls are a light khaki green called Hazel Woods. I reupholstered a pair of side chairs in Amy Butler and painted the wood Black Licorice. I will paint the end table black as well. It looks great against the green walls.

I picked up this barrel chair at Goodwill. I painted it white and sprayed the wicker black, adding in black accents in the trim. The table beside it is an old sewing cabinet. It sits near the door in the living room and gives a nice place to put on baby shoes or read a story. Again, the black looks great against the wall.

Where white blends in, black pops out.


Claire said...

I like the black & white combination! It's makes the look a little more modern =)

Anonymous said...

You use the word "pop" too much.

Tammy said...

I like the way it works together and like you said it POPS. And by the way you did not use the word "pop" too much. Jeez.
I love all that you are doing to your house. Keep up the good work.

puck said...

I am just surprised someone took the time to point out that I said "pop" three times.

I am guessing it is someone who is too in love with their sandpaper to understand I was not making fun of distressing, I just don't like furniture edges all rounded off. :)

Helen said...

I wish I had more black and white in my home .... mine is so High Desert looking. I think I'll look for a few accent pieces this week at my favorite thrift/second-hand store. A pillow here, a framed piece there, a new/old vase I'm excited already.