Friday, May 15, 2009

pay it forward

A bleeding heart in my shade garden... I love how the redbud tree sprinkled its flowers everywhere like pink confetti!

A couple weeks ago, Steven and I were at the little grocery store in town picking up a few things for dinner when a neighbor from down the street commented on how nice our yard is looking. "I love walking by and everytime there is something new. Sometime I would love to just walk around and look at everything."

I was beaming. I think it is a cool compliment when a neighbor recognizes your hard work.

Another time, someone was asking about the house. They commented that our house was always a favorite of theirs. They mentioned they'd love to have a peek inside.

The little comments like that make you realize what you do IS important. I spend hours working on the yard or the house, and maybe I put too much effort into deciding which white paint is just-right for the cabinets. Considering a week later, one of my kids will manage to spill chocolate milk all over them and not clean it up. So I will sit there, staring at the chocolate milk stains and think, "Why do I even bother when no one else seems to care?"

So when someone, unprompted, tells me I am doing a good job - it lifts my spirits and I carry on.

I think we all need that right about now. Heavens knows how much longer my job hunt will go... but at least I feel like I am spending my time wisely now.

So today, when you are walking about your neighborhood, be sure to compliment your neighbor on something. It will make their day!

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