Monday, May 18, 2009

so I am climbing on my roof when I realize I am not a cat nor SpiderMan...

A reference picture, if you will... this is a before picture so you can see how stinking high the sides of the dormer are.

You know how we have been working on painting windows and dormers? Well... it is time to get the sides of the dormers painted. I decided this weekend that I would be the one to brave the roof and get them painted.
Now the fronts of our dormers are on a mild 25 degree slope... but to access the sides of the dormers, you have to crawl out onto the steep roof... our pitch finder revealed the slope of the main roof to be 40 degrees... just shy of a 45 degree angle.

OK... let me say this about a 40 degree angle. You can't sit on it. You can't lay on it. If you try, you will just slide down the roof, like you are on a kid's slide at the park, to your death. I was clinging to the roof by maintaining a death grip on the edge of the shingles. Steven was standing on the flat roof, trying to keep me from sliding down. He'd dip the paint brush in the can for me, I'd slap on a bit of paint with my free hand, then pass back the brush.
This did NOT work well.
I should also mention our roof does not have those new textured shingles. Our shingles were put on in the 40s, so they are frail and very slick. Your shoes get zero traction. I was trying to pull myself up, scrambling with my feet, but would just slide back down.
My next plan of attack is to wear a harness, and we will tie me off to something on the other side of the house so I will have a rope to pull myself up. Just like climbing the rope in gym class, but while holding a paint brush, with a house full of sorority girls next door watching me. (And possibly recording with their cell phones in case I fall off so they can sell the vid to America's Dumbest or something.)
OK... off to get limber now... and find my kid's Spiderman costume...


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Yes; only Spiderman could deal. An angle at that still an angle not meant for human shoes. :-)

Please email me your address when you can...I want to give you at least one of the "Y" spoons (the other person who left a "Y" comment doesn't have a blog or email so not sure I'll find her...if I don't I'll send you both). The Yarborough House of 1929 certainly deserves one!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

My email address may be helpful! (Duh!). It's shorehousechic (at) gmail (dot) com.

-- Laura

Benita said...

Love your house! I've just arrived and will stay for a bit :)