Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bob Villa has nothing on me...

OK, so Bob may be a better carpenter... but my peonies are prettier!

With Steven busily working on the fascia boards for our gutter install this week... I am left to work on the screen door alone. You see, I have been wanting a screen door forever. Unfortunately, our front door is just too stinking tall to get a stock one. I could have one custom made - but pricing those out was well over $500. I think I could do it myself so much cheaper and have exactly what I want.

So... that said, I spent some time sketching out how I think a screen door should be put together. I don't want that little cross piece in the middle of my door, so I got creative and came up with a very sturdy, rigid door that does not include a crossbar.

I took my ideas to Home Depot where a super nice guy listened to my ramblings. He agreed that my plan should keep the door sturdy enough to not need the crossbar, and he helped me select the materials I would need. I told him I'd be back tomorrow...

I will require Steven's help to remove the storm door and frame since they are quite heavy. And I will have him double-check my measurements since he is Mr. Meticulous. (I am telling you... He thinks having something a 1/16th of an inch off is too much).

Then I will begin constructing my door. I cannot guarantee that my door will be within 1/16" tolerances. I cannot guarantee that it will actually be rectangular in shape when I am done. It may be more of a sad little parallelogram... but dammit, I will have tried!

Wish me luck! And if I am successful, I will post up a DIY. :)


Unfiltered Meghan said...

Gosh you're ambitious!

Good luck - I'm looking forward to seeing the final result. Nothing in my house is standard. Nothing. So I know how you feel.

Helen said...

I loved the post about trunks ~ old trunks! They have stories to tell us ... if we listen carefully. And your screen door project sounds intriguing .. I can't wait to see it!