Monday, May 25, 2009

Sneak Peek: The Trim is Painted!

We have the trim painted on the front of the house. (Steven's back couldn't take another day on the ladder to do the back). We have yet to do practically all the windows on the house since we only have 2 done... but we think the trim on the front of the house makes a huge difference. The peeling dull gray is now replaced with cheery pale blue. We can't wait to see it all done since the couple windows I have completed look soooo good!
It was super sunny when I took this picture, so I am afraid everything looks a bit washed out... but you get the point.
Oh - look at that wisteria going nuts on the trellis I welded. No blooms, but it is growing freaking crazy!


bagelpower said...

Do you have a post on that trellis that you welded, I would love to see how you did that and how started the wisteria growing up it!!! I weld and this sounds like a great project.

puck said...

I didn't capture the assembly with pics when I built it... but I can make a diagrams and give some instructions.

Let me work on that this week & I will post it! :)