Thursday, April 2, 2009

handmade Easter egg decorations with my boys

We had a fun family craft night in our kitchen last night. We baked cookies and decorated eggs. Do you remember making them as a kid? I think I blew the guts out of 4 eggs in the time it took them to do 1. If only that were a real skill to incorporate into my resume...

Anyway... for those who haven't done this before, it is super easy and a fun thing to do with the kiddos. Just poke a small hole into the top and bottom of a raw egg. (I used a straight pin, and just kept poking new holes to make the opening a bit bigger. Once you have your holes, blow the contents of the egg into a cup. Once you have all the stuff out, rinse your egg a bit under the tap. Else you are likely to smell some rotten eggs! Dry your egg off and you are set to decorate. We used acrylic paints, but I have seen people glue on jewels, sprinkle glitter, etc. We were going for the speckled egg effect. The children did their own speckles - some with greater success than others... but I will try to save them from getting crunched since it would be neat to add to our tree each year.

Oh, our tree... I don't have a fancy schmancy egg tree like the Pottery Barn catalog. I just hacked a limb off the dead plum tree. (Steven is going to chop it up this week if it would just stop raining.) I put the limb into a mason jar that I had frosted awhile back. I thought it looked darling. I will definitely try to do an Easter tablesetting for our Easter lunch. ;)

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