Thursday, April 16, 2009

not-so-dreary dormers

The dormers on our stone house have always been, in my opinion, really dreary. They are covered in what I believe to be asbestos shingles... I am not a fan of these shingles, I think they look a little cheap. I dream of someday replacing them with the lovely wood shingles the entire house once had. Until then, we are just going to paint them and perk up the house a bit.

As you can see above, the dormers are currently a dull gray. Also note that the gutter has practically flipped itself upside down. Hence, why Jayhawk Guttering will be coming out soon. (Come on, guys. Where are you??)

So Steven began scraping loose paint, tearing down the rotten wood, all that... Steven will be replacing the wood so that our new gutters will have something to be attached to. The new wood will be primed and painted our lovely blue.
Note: I have lost the paint swatch that gives the name of the blue paint. I am certain I had them color-match a Ralph Lauren color into Behr paint, since RL doesn't make exterior flat paint. I will dig and dig for that swatch. It totally sucks not having the name of the color. I don't know why that matters so much, but it does. Hence, why they give paints such cute names. I must admit, the name of a color can sway me a bit. Does it influence you?
Anyway... the window trim will be blue, with the muntins being the Behr "Beluga" black (same as the windows I posted on earlier.
The dormers will be painted the color I chose just today... It is called "Skimming Stone" by Farrow & Ball. Mind you, I don't pay Farrow & Ball prices... so I had it matched and mixed at a store to remain nameless in order to protect that wonderful employee that mixed it for me. The color actually is really pretty - it was just overcast when I zoomed way in with my camera phone to take these pictures.
The Farrow & Ball site has this to say about "Skimming Stone:"
A highly versatile off-white, without the common undertone of green or yellow. ‘Skimming' refers to its original use as a 19th century skim colour or whitewash, today equally useful as an all round white.
OK... I don't know about all that. F&B give a little description of each of their colors that manages to come off as a bit pretentious. But I love the swatch book they sent me. I am in love with their palette. Right up these with my Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashley faves.

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Helen said...

Can't wait to see this transformation .... you could qualify for "Curb Appeal" .... HGTV would love your home.