Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a little bit about me, steven and our boys...

I find it sort of amazing that we feel like we "know" people jsut by reading their blogs. People we have never met to, or spoke to in person, and they sort of feel like friends, don't they? I have a few blog favorites (they are listed in the right-hand column here), and I really look forward to their posts. I love the little pictures of their families and pets as much as their house projects sometimes!

It occured to me that I hadn't really shared much about myself and my family... other than little snippets and the occasion picture they just happen to appear in. So here it goes...

My name is Sarah Beth. Friends call me Puck. I play hockey, and the guys called me Puckbunny as a joke, and it just got shortened to Puck over the years. Besides hockey, I like working on and racing cars. I also love music and have been playing in bands since I was a teen. That is how I met Steven actually. He played guitar in a band that I played bass in for awhile. Now, we have our own band called customgrind (yes, all lowercase and one word). I sing and play bass, and Steven plays guitar. Oh, he does sing a bit, too! :)

In case you wondered what I look like (don't we always??), here is a picture of me playing a show. I was a couple months pregnant here with our son, Bowie:

Here is a picture of me racing my Mustang at Heartland Park Topeka:

Here is a picture of Steven and son, Bowie "BoBo" when he was a newborn:

Here is an old picture of all four boys. It is old, since the baby just turned 2. Dane (top), Emery (right), Bowie (bottom), Satchel (left):

We have 3 dogs. All I could find is a BAD picture of them I snapped on the backporch, that is now our recycling area but will someday be my office. Bunny (front), Nash (middle), Cross Check (back). They are all sweeties and I can't tell you how many times the boys have ridden around on those dogs like a horse. We have 2 cats, but the cats only really like Bunny. The other dogs are pretty indifferent to the cats, but Bunny likes to play with them, so I guess that is the reason for the favoritism.

That's it. I would love to hear about you and your families... Just comment here, or put up a link to your blog!


Unfiltered Meghan said...

Well, you've seen mine, so that doesn't apply.

But I do have to say that I now feel inferior because you are SO much cooler than me :)

puck said...

it's an illusion. i am actually pretty goofy and dorky!

Helen said...

What a great read! Great! The amazing tidbits we discover about bloggers we follow and care about.

A little bit about me:
Born in 1941 - makes me kind of old
Four children(three boys/one daughter) ages 48,47,46 and 41
Two grandchildren ages 12 and 15
I've lived in seven states
Raised in the midwest
Divorced but remain best friends with kids' Dad, love his wife and their two daughters too
I am also musical, sing and play the flute
I love decorating, travel, movies, reading and theatre
I volunteer at the memory care facility my mother passed away in
I've loved - really loved - two men in my lifetime
Single now, but that's OK

Lyn said...

So neat to stumble upon your blog. You must be one busy Mama! My daughter played hockey right up until university. My blog is Lyn's Lifepixels and pretty much follows my quest to be the best version of myself and give a little along the way. Maybe you will drop by for a visit? http://lyn-lifepixels.blogspot.com/