Wednesday, April 22, 2009

garden giddiness is *almost* as good as shoe love

Call me a little wacky, but I get excited over gardening. Like really excited. I think my level of happiness for finding a cool plant is as high as when I buy a sweet new pair of shoes. (And I got super giddy at a pair of pumps by Chinese Laundry I recented spotted.)

I was at a local nursery today, picking up some herbs for the pots by my kitchen sink and a couple bellflowers for my side garden, and I came across this:

This corkscrew-perm-looking plant is called "Juncus." It was created by a company called "Hort Couture." They have a website and a blog if you google Hort Couture Plants. Anyway... it was cool and weird and will earn a place in a pot. (These photos are from their website. That is not my porch up there, BTW).

On their website I also found these plants (and a dozen others) that I MUST HAVE:

Liriope - Cassidy

Sedum - Jelly Beans

In other news, I finished some more pots for my etsy store, milksugar. I even managed to get some planting done and thought I would show you how cute they look by the chair in my front yard:

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