Tuesday, March 31, 2009

go to your happy place

I have an unmanageable collection of magazines. I admit it. I have them packed into storage boxes under my bed. I used to be the sort that would never dream of tearing out a page in the magazine. I would put a little post-it in the corner, with a little note like "love this chair!" But soon the realization hit me that I would never ever take the time to go back through those magazines again.

I started tearing out pages and putting them in file folders. These were ideas that I was collecting for the house. I had folders for each room of the house, plus the garden and what not. That seemed to work out OK for me. And I didn't feel too guilty about tearing up my magazines.
Recently, I was flipping through a magazine and realized there were certain images that made me pause my flipping. Something would catch my eye and make me smile. Sometimes there are just little things in life that make you happy. If only for a second, it brightens your day. Or sometimes, you see a certain shade of blue in a vignette, and you think about how great it would be to paint the inside of a cabinet that color.

I began clipping out these little bitty pictures and taping them into a little journal. My journal is just one of those little blank books you can buy at Borders or B&N. I am not shooting for fancy scrapbook pages. Just little arrangements that make me happy, or capture inspiration. I carry my little journal in my purse. It is nice to glance through it as a little pick-me up. It's also a nice place to tuck away paint chips (more inspiration!).

I snapped a few pictures of some favorite pages to share with you. Who knows... maybe you all will be inspired to do something similar.

How do you organize your creativity and inspiration?

This is from an ad for dog food. I like the 70s filter they used on the picture. I chopped up the text, obviously. I am weird, I just like it.

I liked the repetition of the arch and the hardware on the door. The text I got from another magazine. To the right, just knitting stuff. Reminding me - you bought the knitting stuff, maybe you should use it!

I love the pig. I just do. I labeled it "friends" as a reminder that we don't eat our friends. (That is what I tell Steven, a non-vegetarian. To which he replies, So. I didn't know this cow/pig/fish, etc.") To the right, a b&w children's illustration. Just so simple.

I liked the color of this greeting card envelope. It's in the whole robins egg, duck egg vibe. So of course it needed some ducks peeking out, right?


Unfiltered Meghan said...

Love it! That's exactly what I've just started doing. I have a blank hardcover sketchbook that I cut and paste images of inspiration into and a spiral sketchbook that I keep in my new reading corner for actually sketching. The inspiration sketchbook is so much fun - there's something incredibly satisfying and carefree about using a glue stick!

Helen said...

What a concept! Everyone should have a 'go to your happy place' something to carry with them. I am going to give this serious thought. I don't like throwing away magazines either, but do from time to time ~ after looking at each of them to remove images or recipes I want to keep in my inspiration folder. I also cleaned my banisters this week (mine are painted with a lovely white paint) and was sickened to see how dirty they really were. That tot of yours is too adorable! I can't even imagine how much hard work you are going through with the paper/textured paint/removal/re-do project! It's a good thing you are young, energetic, strong and resourceful
You can tell I'm catching up on blogs today.

puck said...

Meghan -
I admit that I color the coloring sheets at restaurants with my kids... there is something "happy" about getting to color again. :)

Helen -
We are a busy bunch lately. And I keep thinking after I finish a project, I will take a break. But then I just find someting else that I "HAVE" to do. ;)