Monday, March 16, 2009

A "Cotswold-y" Front Door at Last!

We had fabulous weather today! Which, of course, meant we had to take advantage and get some outdoor Spring projects started! The dining room is on a bit of a hold while we do the painting I have been dying all Winter to do...

Now, Steven has been clinging to the front door for awhile. It is original to the house (save, I think, for the perfectly clear beveled glass) and it shows its age. The bottom wood is flaking off and in places, the wood is a bit bubbled and blistered from the sun. It is so unbelievably dried out, no amount of wood conditioner I have put on it has helped. So, I declared that, sometimes, 100 year old wood should be painted.

From far away, the damage is not so bad... but you can see some of it here at the bottom of the door.

I will take some more After shots of the exterior tomorrow. (Steven just put the hardware back on). But here is a sneak of the door all painted up.

We also worked on the windows. We will probably average about a window a day. Seriously. No one has loved these windows in a long time. They have all been sealed shut with some super adhesive - which is sad because there is nothing more handy than working windows! Now, our house has double sets of double-hung windows. I painted the interior set and muntins black and the exterior set blue. We still need to reglaze the window I finished today. Other windows will have even more work as the sills are badly damaged and will need repair and replacement.

But, I must point out: Never ever replace wood windows! Wood windows can be made as efficient as aluminum or vinyl ones. And they last forever. Ours are 100+ years old. How long do vinyl ones last?

Steven scraping adhesive out of the window.

After! Look how pretty! Ignore the weird painting on the glass. I do paintings on the glass for holidays... and this is a leftover from Winter.

And what did the boys do to help all this time? Well... they were busy being good boys! Here they are doing sidewalk chalk and big wheels and what not:

Left-Right: Emery, Dane, Bowie and Satchel


Bea said...

Love the front door - I've been to the Costwolds, but don't remember doors that pretty :)

Anonymous said...

so pretty!

puck said...

Thank you, Bea! I am very excited about having all the windows on the front of the house done. I think it will be so pretty! I really want it to look like a Thomas Kincade cottage. :)