Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy happy weekend!

Happy weekend!

Unfortunately, I won't get to post a happy, fun blog today. Today... well... today has NOT been a good day. Instead of working on home stuff or fun stuff, I was in battle with my hubby's car. Our youngest hid my car keys somewhere, so I had to use Steven's VW today. VW. 'nuff said. Joking. But it did live up to its reputation today as being cranky and not-freaking-reliable.

What time I had once FINALLY managed to get home, I had to arrange for exam proctoring at the public library. See, I am working on a MBA. I am doing it online since, when my company does have work for me, I travel 100% of the time. So online really is the only way I can do school. After I already started the class, they sent out the syllabus and it has a whole section in there about how the exams are proctored. Which pretty much sucks because my undergrad that I did online didn't have proctoring. Proctoring means I have to spend my Saturday at the library so someone can watch me take a test. I thought doing a class online implied that I am too busy to be tied down to a schedule. So this proctoring thing is going to be really hard since, potentially, my only day at home will be Saturday, yet the library is only open 4 hours on Saturday, but the two exams for my classes total 5 hours. SUPER!

Anyway... enough complaining for me. I did finish painting one more window yesterday. 4 more to go on the front of the house. It's getting there.

I feel better having vented. Now I can take my favorite boys out to Chipotle for spicy tacos and yummy chippies. Whew!!!

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Helen said...

It's Sunday and I find myself playing catch up - no good excuses like you have. I admire your energy and dedication to the important parts of your life. Love all the photos you post of your stone cottage .. it's fairytale magic.