Thursday, March 12, 2009

a cup of tea on a cold day... in a lovely antique rocker

It is so sunny out, that one might be fooled into thinking it is a nice day... But I nearly froze my ears off while I was out running errands today. I wish it were warm and sunny now. I really do. I live for gardening. I cannot wait to start digging around in the yard, getting dirty while making everything pretty. In fact, on my infinite freetime, I have starting painting gorgeous little pots that I plan to sell to local nurseries, and maybe even an Etsy shop. But for now, burrrr! Baby, it's cold outside.

About the picture above... This is a sweet little rocker that I found at Good JuJu. (Another bargain buy at $14). Despite the knotted rope seat, it is really comfortable, and it is wonderful to sip a cup of tea and rock the baby in at to wind him down.

The cat you see on the green table is a wild tom cat I have named Kyle. (There is a story behind that name). We have a feral cat problem in our town. Tons of these wild kitties running about. I feel sorry for them and always have a bit of inexpensive cat food set out for them. We name the regulars (Red, Kyle, Buckwheat, Betty Nugs, etc), but only a few actually allow us to pet them. Earlier this week, I played nursemaid and doctored up Red's ears as they were all scabbed and bloody from a fight.

I am a huge animal lover, and although I am not going to preach to you in my blog... I would (this one and only time) like to say that I fully support the following:

* feral cat programs (zero or no cost spay/neuter clinics for wild cats)
* no kill pet shelters
* adamently opposed to Breed Specific Legislation (a.k.a. "Dog Bans")

So, for those with pets, go give your furry friend a big hug today and tell them to be thankful they have a loving home. For those without pets, give a kind nod to the squirrel in your front yard or pet the neighbors cat even though he likes to poop in your flower bed.


Anonymous said...

What a neat rocking chair

Love your blog

Helen said...

I am totally with you on the issue of animals .... thank you!

Unfiltered Meghan said...

One of my blogs:

Enough said there - I love you :)

By the way, where is that lovely blanket on the chair from?

puck said...

The blanket is from Home Goods. It is a white quilt with baby blue rings. I got a good deal on it, and it will go well with the new front door color! :)

Bea said...

I've loved reading your blog today - although I don't have an old home I dream of one day being able to buy one and lovingly restoring it.

Until then, I'll live vicariously through your blog!