Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bring the Indoors Outside!

My love of gardening has led me to try something new... My little handmade pots get rave reviews when given as gifts. They happily line my steps and I am always asked, "Where did you get that pot?"

So I decided to try my hand at selling them. I opened up an Etsy store on a whim... but I am hoping to take a few of my samples to the local greenhouses for bulk sales.

All my pots are handpainted, all materials are U.S. materials. I am starting with 4 designs. All my designs are sort of meant to "Bring the Indoors Out!" Meaning, I am taking the hot seasonal colors, trendy & fun fabrics, and reinterpreting them on gardening pots.

I can't wait to line up my whole collection in their bright, fun colors, with a bunch of white plants, on a display.

So far, I only have listed the chalk-able Little Star herb pots... but there will also be larger pots with influences from Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, David Hicks, Madeline Weinrib and more!

For a sneak peek at the pots... go to: http://milksugar.etsy.com

How did I come up with my shop name? I take my tea with milk and sugar (and a dash of vanilla!)


Unfiltered Meghan said...

If I ever get my kitchen together, I might need a green one.

It's sad. I actually want to take a vacation to paint my kitchen.

Helen said...

I had some catching up to do - went back to your Saturday post and read through this one. The blue paint against the stone of your home is just plain lovely!!! It's romantic, authentic. Your four boys are so much fun to 'watch.' And your little pots are also great - best of luck.

puck said...


Actually, that is how a lot of my vacations are. It is sad... I once thought about going to the beach... now I just think: I bet I can get my gardens mulched!


Thank you for visiting - I missed you!! Those little boys are a handful! But they keep it interesting around here. Tonight, we will be watching Willy Wonka. The community theater's summer play is Willy Wonka and they all want to try out to be Oompa Loompas. LOL!

Carla said...

These are really cute. Do you have bigger ones? Like for big plants?

puck said...

P.S. Meghan...

Is your birthday November 16th?

Unfiltered Meghan said...

Yes, it is November 16. I'm a crazy-ass Scorpio. Not you, too?

puck said...

That is my oldest boy's birthday. :) He will be 12 this year.

Come to think of it... he is a little "off." ;)