Saturday, March 14, 2009

Signs of Life!

My little gardener, Bowie Morgan, now age 2

I don't know if it is the same for all of you, but for me, this time of yard, I walk around my yard rather tentatively. All that time and money invested in lovely things planted all over, and then the winter comes and takes them all away. And now, as it starts to perk up in my yard, I cautiously take inventory. It is too early to say if anything was lost in the winter, but it is so promising to walk around and see things starting to spring back to life!

Here is a little smattering of what is greening up now so far:

Is there anything prettier in the Spring than lilac? I have a few varieties in my gardens.

Here little Bowie is inspecting a flowering almond. So happy it lived!

I am a sucker for roses. They all look to be doing well so far.

I can't believe my tree peony is so full its second year! I have a peony fetish...

They look like kind of gross clumps now, but lambs ear really is pretty when its thriving!

This pink rhododendron looks great with the bleeding hearts and purple columbine.

I can't wait until everything is in full swing and I get to share pictures of all the beds with you. I have a big yard full of plants and have fun each year editing and making everything just so. :)