Thursday, March 5, 2009

dining room... ready, set, go!

I picked up the paint today for the dining room ("Sugar Egg Pink" by Martha Stewart / Valspar) and am so excited at finally having a dining room we would WANT to eat it. I have begun to pull down the border and we dug the steamer out to start on the project. For once, I took some before pictures... and if you are brave, feel free to check out the hideousness that is my dining room.
A reminder - the middle color is the winner!

It wouldn't be an old house without plaster repair... I actually have a lot of repair to do in the dining room. I will be a plaster wiz soon!

This is the wallpaper on the bottom part of the wall. It is a textured weird dull gray with blue stripes. It is all stained up and tearing apart. And you will notice there is a giant hole above the vent here that no one ever bothered to patch. (And the big dust bunny on the floor is because I have been sweeping and getting the room ready.)

The top part of the wall is a sand-textured gray. Unfortunately, it is not a pretty Swedish gray... just a dull, dirty gray. There is a border down the middle of the wall and at the top of the wall (yippee! two borders to remove!!) of this weird, thick, foam border. Seriously - it is as thick as that foam material my kids use for art projects.

Now, here is an example of just how tacky the people were before us. To the left you will see the entry way (which is blue). The right is the dining room wallpaper. (I will fix this line on the wall with a neat idea...) Follow this line down. They left the entry way trim stained, but painted the dining room trim. And they just did a line right down the middle there. And the line is crooked to boot! I guess I will be stripping the dining room trim - which is going to completely suck!!!!

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Helen said...

Dear me ... this looks like a daunting task ... take care. Love the color choice!