Thursday, March 26, 2009

Progress on the baby's room

Steven has been working so diligently in Bowie's room. I thought I would show you some of the progress... I know it doesn't seem like much, but it really is hard work and it is getting close!

Here it was before... With the lath and plaster all removed. The old knob and tube wiring in place. The ceiling was torn out.

And now... Steven extended the wall up all the way to the new ceiling (the roof!) with old wood we salvaged from tearing out the wall around the living room fireplace. The extra door there will be covered with drywall. We have all new wiring for a ceiling fan/light fixture, light cove over his window shelf, phone, cable, outlets, etc.

Before... this is his closet wall. This closet will stay. That door in the right corner will be removed and drywalled over.

And now... this is the wall opposite the closet wall. This closet will be turned into deep shelving for toys and books. The corrugated metal you see laying on the floor is what we are using for his ceiling. Over the metal, we are doing (non-supportive) beams. I can't wait!

Steven is currently trying to put in more framing on the ceiling to attach the metal to. After that, we will be having a drywall party to get the walls up. :)


Jodie said...

What colors are you doing?

Helen said...

Wow, this just looks like so much hard work ... I am impressed with your resolve (hubby too.) Can't wait for the big reveal.

puck said...

Jodie -

As Bowie grows up, my color ideas have shifted. Originally, we planned a newborn nursery with pale blue and pale yellow. Now, he is a toddler, so his room will be a bit more grown up...

I am planning pale blue walls, a cream ceiling, white trim and woodwork. His fabrics will be chocolate and pale blue. :)