Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my latest find for the dining room

I have a ton of furniture projects in the works... I find a lot of junk store treasures, apply some paint & fabric, you know the drill. Normally, I don't post a picture of it until it is finished, and only as part of a room... I am not really great at posting before/afters of anything but my rooms! Probably because most the "before" pictures are pretty scary!

But, I found something so amazing yesterday that I decided to post before pictures without the afters. (This is because the project is still in progress so I won't get to post afters until a bit later this week...) I just had to share!

This $20 treasure is, at my best guess, the top of a hutch that someone used as a pie safe. Look beyond the blue doors!!! Soon it will have a nice new paint job and a knob.
If there is anything remotely appealing about the colors in the "before" here - it is just the magic of digital flash or something. It is really a grungy white/beige with obnoxious royal blue doors. It will be getting new shelves inside, and flashy interior.

The pie vents have been covered up by too much paint... soon they will be pretty again!

I can't wait to put my antique china in here. I have been picking up random similar-looking pieces here and there on the super-cheap. Right now they are stacked in a cubby in the kitchen... but I think they would look nicer in here. This pie safe has a perfect spot waiting for it in the (in-progress) dining room!


Zane said...

Good feature! Discount Dining Room Furniture looks fantastic.

Helen said...

You are going to have a gem when this is finished ... pie safes are magical - trust me!

Casey said...

What is up with the "blood blue" hutches??? My mother apparently loves that color... but I think it looks awful. I'm sure with your touch the afters will look great!