Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Re-creating a fairy tale...

I mentioned in a reply a reader, Bea, that I wanted my cottage to look like a Thomas Kinkade cottage... I couldn't help but find a few examples to share with you. :) I have been busy priming pots today, but hope to put up kitchen pictures yet today!

Here is an old picture our cottage after a bit of landscaping in the front. This is before we added the lavender along with slate path, the wisteria and honeysuckle on a trellis, etc. Everything has filled in so much since then!

Someday we plan to roll our eaves like a storybook house. Our cottage used to have a ballastrade before its 1947 remodel. This picture makes me so jealous that we don't have one anymore! Look! A blue door!
Isn't thatch so cute? And look at the windows trimmed in blue. My blue is lighter... but still so pretty!

This path is like our slate path. I have ours flanked in lavender with some lanterns lighting the way. There is a gazebo on the lot next to ours. My boys love to play in it.


mimi said...

Your cottage is so sweet. I can just imagine it with all the garden elements in place; antique statuary winding paths, fountains, and flowers everywhere. I am green with envy.

Carla said...

Can you post pictures of what the flowers look like now? Pretty please?

Bea said...

The first picture is SO your cottage (if the porch was enclosed though!).