Wednesday, March 11, 2009

before and after: antique pie safe complete!

And the pie safe is finished except for a few touch-ups. Oh, and Steven is going to adjust the door that doesn't want to close up straight. I think it came out very nice for a $20 find! The pie safe was quite old. The shelves in it were not original... they were tongue and groove panels of some sort. They were badly warped and falling apart, so we made new ones. I also picked up a new knob from Hobby Lobby. The paint was all leftover from previous projects. Less than $20 in supplies invested brings our total to $40.

So the Before picture is directly below this post. I don't miss the royal blue doors at all!

Here is the After:

Here it is from the front. I wanted something simple and understated. And I am not fond of attacking all my white furniture with sandpaper. It IS old. It deserves a nice, clean paint job!

And from the side. We re-drilled the pie vent holes. I did a layer of black paint, and then a layer of white so that the holes would stand out more. In person, it really is more striking.

I just adore this little knob I got on sale! It is a frosted glass knob with silver hardware.

I love the little wooden latch!

OK.. now in person, the panel insets are robin's egg blue... the flash made them look more sky blue. The shelves are black.

My pretty dishes now have a home in the dining room. I will tinker with the arrangement later. But they are really pretty for a bargain find ($16 at Good JuJu).
Oh, and those new to the blog... my dining room is IN PROGRESS. The nasty sponge painting? Not mine. I swear. I did NOT do that! :)


Angela said...

I love your blog!

Your ideas and projects really inspire me.

I actually found your blog while searching for subway tile ideas for my bathroom-

I am 26 years old and just bought my first home...which happens to be the house I grew up in.
It was built in 1907 as a summer home in a small town promoted as a "summer tourist attraction". So it's just filled with windows and high ceilings and big open spaces...but of course with TINY little bedrooms!

We are "little engine that could"-ing our way through years of unfortunate decor choices. shag carpet in the bathroom (Which surprisingly we are finding beautiful wood flooring underneath.) and horrible wood paneling.

I think you're just wonderful!
Thank for sharing your beautiful home with us!

puck said...

I am glad you found me! And isn't it fun to find treasures like hard wood in unexpected places?

I cannot WAIT to post about some treasures Steven found stashed in our basement. A bunch of original light fixtures and floor grates!

Oh... the project wheels are a turning!

I hope you continue to check in with me. I think the following feature is sort of a cool one.

Anonymous said...

What color blue is that?